Weave the Line

Weave the Line

Versi 2.2.0
Weave a series of joys !

Oleh Lion Studios

Informasi Weave the Line

- New 90 Levels!
- Improved the performance of tutorial.
- Supported full-screen(18:9) display smartphones.
- Optimized the game experience.
- Bug fix.

Drag any line to a point, and divide it into two new lines; the new lines can also be divided. Again and again, a few lines can weave countless wonderful patterns. Some patterns look simple but intriguing, others look complicated but regular. You just need to observe and try, and you will enjoy a series of joys !

- Three game modes:
• CLASSIC: base on core gameplay
• MIRROR: each line displays a mirror
• 2 COLORS: two types of lines need to be controlled
- A total of 265 challenging levels

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  • 4.1 Gameplay

  • 4.2 Graphics

  • 4.1 Controls


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